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At Frinconsult Ltd. we provide a broad range of services in different sectors including planning, engineering, environment and project management consultancy services.

Our services span the earliest pre-investment studies and feasibility phase, through project implementation to the actual operations and maintenance phase, including institutional development and strengthening of the Client’s organisation. Our major strength lies in our ability to handle small projects, as well as major projects of a complex nature, involving multi-disciplinary teams.

Building Design & Project Management

We offer civil and structural engineering services for the building industry. Our services include complete civil and structural site design, supervision and contract management services.

We provide innovative and economical design services using modern design technology.

We focus on all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings where each project may involve renovation, rehabilitation, extension or new construction. We also provide prospective homeowners with an assessment of the various systems in a residential home, including foundations, superstructure, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and general safety issues. We offer Mechanical & Electrical services through our association with electrical and mechanical engineers.

Our project management services include defining client needs, preparing tender documents, tender evaluation, construction supervision, payment certification and general contract administration.

We offer Forensic Investigations for buildings where damage or failure has occurred. Our reports outline the description of the problem, the nature of the mechanism which has caused damage or failure, and a list of options for remedial action including estimated budget costs for implementation. Further to this, we carry out Non-destructive testing of building structures.

The scope of our building services includes:

  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Structural Integrity Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Quantity Surveying Services
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Architectural Services
  • Non-destructive testing

Building Design & Project Management Team Members

Eng. Richard Mahinda

Consulting Civil Engineer

Amol Duncan

Structural Engineer

Fidelis Wambui

Engineering Technician

Michael Kamau

Graduate Civil Engineer

Environment, Health & Safety Management

Our range of services in this department are undertaken with complance with environmental standards as stipulated by the Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) of 1999, and the EIA/EA regulations if 2003 as enforced by NEMA.

We offer comprehensive health and safety (H&S) and industrial hygiene (IH) services. Our services are offered in compliance with Occupation Safety and Health Act of 2007 and other related regulations.

We provide environmental services as an independent activity fulfilling the need for information and advice; or as part of development projects, fulfilling the need for socioeconomic and environmental assessment to be incorporated into project design and management.

The scope of our enviromental health & safety services include:

  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Auditing (Initial and Self Audits)

  • Resettlement action plan (RAP)

  • Environmental Sampling (Soil, Air, Water, Noise)

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

  • Risk Based Corrective Action

  • Waste Management and Pollution Control

  • Environmental monitoring and mitigation planning

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management

  • Environmental health and safety training
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) for ISO 14001 Certification

  • Planning for sustainable utilisation of natural and human resources

  • Rehabilitation of degraded sites

  • Water resources and drainage planning

  • Participation in reviews and evaluation

Environment, Health & Safety Management Team Members

Eng. Richard Mahinda

EIA / EA Lead Expert

Beryl Aluoch

Environmental Scientist

Faith Kyalo

Biosystems Engineer

Duncan Kisa

Biosystems Engineer

Ayub Gitonga

Water & Env’t. Engineer

Eunice Miaraho

Environmental Scientist

Milicent Wambui

Environmental Scientist

Transportation Engineering

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services in planning and engineering design of transportation infrastructure including roads, bridges, airports, parking lots and associated facilities.

We offer a comprehensive range of professional services including:

  • Planning, design and construction supervision of road projects
  • National and regional transportation studies and investment programmes for the development of roads, and associated facilities
  • Feasibility studies for roads and highway improvements
  • Design of bridges and other structures related to transportation facilities;
  • Planning of the development and/or rehabilitation of local and regional road systems resulting in master plans for rehabilitation and maintenance programmes;
  • Project management services, supervision of construction, and technical assistance services.
  • Basic services, such as surveying and mapping, soils engineering, geology, hydrology, materials investigations and structural design, are integral part of transportation projects.
  • Technical Audits of transport infrastructural projects such as roads.

Transportation Engineering Team Members

Eng. Richard Mahinda

Consulting Civil Engineer

Amol Duncan

Structural Engineer

Fidelis Wambui

Engineering Technician

Michael Kamau

Graduate Civil Engineer

Water & Sanitation Engineering

At Frinconsult Ltd. we offers water and sanitation design and supervision services. The main activities include:

  • Design and design review of water and sanitation facilities
  • Preparation of tender documents and evaluation of contractor’s tenders.
  • Construction supervision of project implementation
  • Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Design and supervision of hydropower stations in association with electrical engineers

Water & Sanitation Engineering Team Members

Eng. Richard Mahinda

Consulting Civil Engineer

Beryl Aluoch

Environmental Scientist

Faith Kyalo

Biosystems Engineer

Duncan K. Kisa

Biosystems Engineer

Ayub Gitonga

Water & Env’t. Engineer

Eunice Miaraho

Environmental Scientist

Milicent Wambui

Environmental Scientist

Surveying & GIS

Our GIS team provides mapping services for clients looking to collect and organize earth related data. From data capture, acquisition, processing, analysis and final output we are be able to provide the most comprehensive GIS & mapping service in the industry today.

Our licensed surveyors are directly responsible for a wide range of projects from highway design and construction to environmental surveys.

We will capture and analyze complex geographic information, helping municipalities and private clients to plan for growth, infrastructure installation and maintenance and other geography-related issues. Our strong in-house capabilities will allow for the provision of completely integrated GIS & Mapping Services

Our scope of services under this department include:

  • Topographical survey

  • Cadastral survey

  • Land suitability mapping

  • Hazard mapping and monitoring

  • Development of natural resource atlas

  • Land use/land cover mapping and change detection

  • Utility mapping

  • Training of GIS users and operators

  • Geodetic GPS network establishment

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Our services include complete civil and structural site design services for telecom masts which includes geotechnical investigations, foundation design, rooftops structural analysis, overall contract management and Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Design and Supervision Services

Our main clients are telecommunications contractors and operators who wish to be guaranteed of efficiency in terms of economy, time and quality output in the roll-outs of the civil works infrastructure for their networks. Our scope of services includes: 

  • Initial Site Survey

  • Geotechnical investigations for green fields

  • Site planning and layout

  • Rooftop structural analysis for structural integrity check of existing structure and the design of support structures

  • Production of design drawings and reports which include site location drawings, equipment layout drawings, design drawings, optimisation drawings among others.

  • Production of as-built drawings

  • Supervision of civil works in telecommunications infrastructure for example Base Transceiver Stations

  • Contract Management Services

  • Advisory services on contractual matters for civil works contractors

  • Environmental Impact Assessment and audit services

  • Site acquisitions – Selection of development sites, valuation and related legal transfer

Energy Audit Services

We offer detailed energy audit through inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). To enhance our precision, we collect detailed information about facility operation and by performing detailed evaluation of energy conservation measures.

Power Transmission & Distribution Services

Frinconsult offers services to the power transmission and distribution sector with the major clients being KETRACO, REA and (KPLC) Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited. These services include:

  • Way Leaves Acquisition services
  • Survey services
  • Design services
  • Power line Construction services

Real Estate Development & Management

We offer a full range of property development consultancy services which include: Property management and Estate Agency, Valuation, Planning, Site Acquisition, Consultancy and Advisory services with regard to real estate development and use, Physical examination of buildings with a view to advising on repair and maintenance or alternative use.

Environmental & Civil Engineering Lab Services

We have a well-equipped material testing and quality control laboratory to meet all such requirements of the construction industry. These facilities perform the necessary tests on soil, concrete, asphalt and other construction materials and all manner of field tests, including plate load tests, percolation tests, full scale slab, beam and foundation load tests which are carried out with accuracy and efficiency.

Civil Engineering Lab Services

The pile load tests we undertake include static, dynamic and pile integrity tests. Furthermore, we conduct special chemical laboratory tests for water, aggregates and soil from construction sites. A well-experienced professional team of Engineers & technicians are available to cater to all material, foundation and geotechnical engineering requirements.

Environment Lab Services

Our environment-related lab services include:

  • Water quality analysis

  • Noise level measurements

  • Air quality measurements

  • Electromagnetic radiation measurements

Capacity Building & Management Consultancy

Our training methodology is rooted in a participatory process that includes; presentations, role plays, cases studies, small group sessions, open discussions, and individualized programmes.

Some of our areas of expertise include: Training in specialized civil engineering software (such as AutoCad, Prokon, Civil 3D), Training in GIS, and Training in MS Project Management.

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