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Environment, Health and Safety Services

Frinconsult provides environmental services as an independent activity fulfilling the need for information and advice, or as part of development projects,

fulfilling the need for socio-economic and environmental assessment to be incorporated into project design and management.
Frinconsult have a fully equipped functional environmental department that conducts environmental impact assessments, environmental audits and environmental
and social impact assessments in compliance with the environmental standards as stipulated by the Environmental, Management and Coordination Act (EMCA)
of 1999 and the EIA/EA Regulations of 2003 as enforced by NEMA. As part of our methodology we offer a wide range of tests to ensure environmentally friendly
products and services which are carried out by our accredited and experienced personnel.
We offer comprehensive health and safety (H&S) and industrial hygiene (IH) services through our experienced staff of professionals. Our services are offered in
Compliance with Occupation Safety and Health Act of 2007 in conjunction with other gazette rules

Our range of environmental services includes: